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1 September 2020

Re: Call for Entries CISO Choice Awards

by Konda

Just because it says CISO doesn’t make it legit.

Interesting to know how the board of judges feels about being included here.

CISO Choice Awards

Dear Matt,

Don’t miss your opportunity to take part in Security Current's first of its kind vendor recognition: the CISO Choice Awards program.

ABOUT US The CISO Choice Awards were created by CISOs to honor you, security vendors of all types, sizes and maturity levels. The program recognizes differentiated solutions valuable to the CISO and enterprise. Some vendors will be awarded a podcast with a CISO judge or a Security Shark Tank so other security executives can learn why you were selected. While other vendors may receive recognition by the Board for their solutions.

AWARDS & FEES The CISO Choice Awards has business categories and technology centric categories. Security vendor companies worldwide are welcome to submit multiple entries across categories. An entry fee per submission is required for each individual category entered. We are notified when you have submitted payment and to which award you have submitted. Payment is via credit card on the site. If you need an alternate payment option please let us know.

BUSINESS CATEGORIES (Entry Fee of $500 each)
Visionary Vendor
Premier Security Company
Startup Security Company (Entry Fee of $300 for companies 2 years general available)
COVID-19 Pivot
Partner in Success

TECHNOLOGY CATEGORIES (Entry Fee of $400 each)
Network Security
Endpoint Security
Data Security
Identity and Access Management (IAM)
Governance Risk & Compliance (GRC)
Fraud Prevention
Threat Intelligence
Deception Technology
Email Security
Security Analytics
IoT Security
Application Security
Cloud Security Solution
Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs)
Risk Management (Can include 3rd and 4th party)
SIEM Solution
Vulnerability Management
SUBMISSION For more information on entry fees and submissions see the ENTRY KIT. The submission deadline is Monday, September 21, 2020. Please note that we are now accepting only email submissions. Please email your submission to:

JUDGING Entries will be judged on usefulness/relevance to the CISO as well as creative excellence. The CISO Board of Judges includes:

Canadian National Railway CISO Vaughn Hazen
Dollar Tree Stores CISO Kevin McKenzie
Ellie Mae SVP & CISO Selim Aissi
Florida Crystals VP, IT Strategy & CISO Christine Vanderpool
Hellman & Friedman CISO Matt Hollcraft
LMC, a Lennar Corp VP, Information Security Margarita Rivera
Markel Corporation CISO & Privacy Officer Patricia Titus
NFL CISO Tomás Maldonado
OneMain Financial CISO Tunde Oni-Daniel
Premise Health CISO Joey Johnson
RWJBarnabas Health CISO Hussein Syed
William Blair CISO Ralston Simmons

Distinguished analyst Richard Stiennon also will take part.

Be seen by the Judges, your enterprise customers and potential CISO prospects. You can also sponsor the awards program for added visibility of your brand and nomination in the cybersecurity market. For more information on sponsoring the program itself, please let me know.

Kind regards,
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