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9 February 2022

Most Trusted Companies of the Year

by Konda

Most trusted companies of the year. Perfect. I want that.

Celebrate Excellence

Celebrate excellence my ass.

Hello Matt,

Greetings from Exeleon Magazine.

In its bid to celebrate excellence, Exeleon is working on releasing its upcoming issue featuring the “Most Trusted Companies of the Year.”

This issue will include trusted companies from varying space and highlight their pathway towards attaining excellence. Needless to say, your company has been an example of excellence and featuring it as the face of this issue will be highly fitting.

The Cover feature will include the following media benefits:

- Eight-page Cover Story Feature.
- Six Complimentary Copies Shipped to your address.
- Award Certificate Shipped to your address.
- Framed Magazine Cover and Poster Shipped to your address.
- Free posting of press release and news in our website.
- Logo, award badge, and print ready PDF send to you upon release.

The entire cover feature will include a sponsorship cost of $1000.

Here’s a link to one of our previous issues for your understanding and assessment: Click Here.

We truly look forward to your response and positive confirmation for participation in our magazine. 

Thanks and Regards,
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