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15 June 2022

Pioneering CEO

by Konda

I. am. pioneering.

Pioneering CEO!

Hey Matt,

Just checking in to see your interest in featuring You & Securityprogram.Io as one among "Top 20 Pioneering CEO's in 2022".

Kindly let me know the best time to reach to have a brief call to discuss on this opportunity.

I will look forward to hearing from you.

So and So

On 15-06-2022 09:54, So and So wrote:

Hi Matt,

Greetings from MyTechMag, a leading magazine with a strong foothold in various industries. We are glad to inform you that you & Securityprogram.Io have been selected as the “Top 20 Pioneering CEO's in 2022” in our Pioneering CEOs edition by our editorial team.

After the prosperous venture of CEO's special edition in 2021, we are coming up with our fourth edition featuring "Top 20 Pioneering CEO’s in 2022", who through their unique qualities & steadfast leadership have incorporated influential companies.

A collaboration with MYTECHMAG can give your company exposure to over 233,000 industry leaders who are responsible for acquiring technologies and solutions for their organization.

We are happy to provide you with the reprint branding benefits and take advantage of this recognition. It is pertinent to mention, that the story of CEO’s will intersperse how he/she has been taking Securityprogram.Io through challenges and transformed the company into an industry leader today.

Branding Benefits at USD 2,990

Republishing rights to print and digital versions of one-page profile with the senior executive's photo
Logo of the “Top 20 Pioneering CEO's in 2022”
Online profile of your company with a link back to your website
Reach out to our 92K+ subscribers through an article/post on our monthly newsletter campaigns
Enhance digital/online presence by hosting all the news, press releases, event participation updates, and thought leadership articles through social media handles (Twitter/Linked-In) for the next 6 months.
1000 Targeted leads as per your target criteria (Can be used for eNewsletter/lead generation campaign)
Color advertisement space in the magazine
5 Copies of 2022 CEO's edition
Leader board placard/poster for 10-20 Days or up to 5K impressions
Let me know your thoughts. Awaiting your response!

So and So

So and So 
Editorial Manager / MYTECHMAG
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