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6 September 2022

Best CEO

by Konda

I definitely want to be the best CEO!

Best CEO. Only $1,500!

Matt, I am sending it again to ensure that the following thread from my last email stays at the top of your inbox.

To highlight the subject, we would like to inform you that you have been selected as one of the "10 Best CEOs of 2022."

In addition to a two-page profile, an HTML link back to your website, a digital logo and certificate, two adverts, unlimited reprint rights, and a social network presence for all of these, at a nominal fee of $ 1500.

I'd like to get started on the profiling process, but I need your signature on the contract order first.

Can I share the contract order to initiate the profiling process?

So and So
Industry Era

On 09/06/2022 10:20 AM, So and So wrote:

The editorial board of Industry Era Magazine has selected you for our upcoming edition as one of the "10 Best CEOs of 2022."

A 700-word article about the featured leader that is written from a business standpoint that gives an overview of you and

The profiling process is as follows:
01. We will share the contract/insertion order for your signature.
02. Next, followed by the interview questionnaire Alternatively, we will share the payment link.
03. Once you answer those questions, our editorial team will develop an insightful article.
04. With the headshot picture of yours, our designing team will develop a profile for you.
05. Both the article content and profile design will be shared with you for your review and approval.
06. Once you approve the article and profile, we will confirm with you the date on which it will be published.

On 09/01/2022 10:20 AM, So and So wrote:

To continue with my last email, you have been selected as one of the "10 Best CEOs of 2022."

A brief biography of the featured leader, written from a business perspective in a 700-word article, which provides an overview of you and

As stated earlier, for $ 1500 you will get two full-page profile in the magazine that will also include a headshot of the leader, a high-resolution PDF of your profile, an HTML link with a backlink, a digital logo, a media or press release, and a digital certificate of recognition.

On 08/29/2022 10:20 AM, SO and SO wrote:

I'm XYZ from Industry Era Magazine.

We are delighted to inform you that our editorial board has selected your leadership excellence to be featured in the special edition magazine as "10 Best CEOs of 2022."

Our history
We have been a print and digital magazine for more than half a decade, aimed at C-level executives, senior leaders, and decision-makers by developing into a paradigmatic global brand that promotes and fosters marketing competence.

Our focus
To examine both sides of the coin, from running a business to creating a globally recognized brand.

How does it work?
• The article talks about how you have culminated into a steadfast leader with your creative professional adventure by discussing your role model, initiatives, breakthroughs, and leadership lessons.
• The featured article is not just about your achievements but is an inspiration to upcoming entrepreneurs through your unique professional career path.
• You can also share your journey, experiences, successes, and knowledge with the world's fastest-growing business community.
• We would want to showcase's origin, solutions, vision, mission, services, products, strengths, new ideas, and long-term objectives so that potential clients will know what it is like to do business with you.

Benefits you avail for a $ 1500 sponsorship:

• A 700-word insightful article
• A headshot picture of the leader
• A link to the magazine
• A PDF logo containing the title
• A pdf certificate of honor
• An HTML link that includes a backlink to your website
• Free publicity for your company’s news and press releases on our website
• You will have unlimited reprint rights
• Two advertisements with any content about you or your company
• Links to our social channels with your article posted on them

We appreciate your affirmation in moving forward. If not, write us "UNSUBSCRIBE" in the subject line.
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